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Founded in 2018, AGenius Productions Limited is a distinct PR & Entertainment company based in Hong Kong which offers Event Management, PR Consultation, Digital Marketing, Project Investment as well as Production. It was founded by a group of professionals focusing on creating creative marketing strategies, improving public relations and executing clients’ ideas.

AGenius Productions is present in Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen.

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Digital Marketing

Influencer Marketing

PR Management

Event Management

Social Media Marketing

Video Production

Mission & Vision

We are known for bringing concepts and ideas to life, no matter how complex or unique they may be, with impactful messages that resonate with audiences.

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Problems That We Solve?

Time Constraints

Whether they’re nimble startups or established corporations, our clients are deeply engrossed in the daily operations of their brands. While they may see short-term financial gains, the potential for sustained growth often hinges on the depth of their commitment to advertising and outreach.

Expertise Gaps
In the business realm, top innovators and visionaries have a knack for bringing brilliant ideas to life. While our clients are masters at this, many grapple with navigating and leveraging the newest and most impactful marketing and communication tactics.
Limited Networks
After refining and validating an idea with target demographics, it’s primed for market debut. Even though launching a product or service is a pinnacle moment for brands, its success largely rests on the backing of media channels and outlets to champion it.

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